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Google Analytics – How can my business benefit?

Though website analytics, we can find the answers to multitudes of your online business questions. For example:

  1. Where are my website visitors coming from?
  2. What search engines and keywords are they using? (so we can optimise your advertising accordingly)
  3. What web pages are they most interested in?
  4. Which marketing activities are the most effective – how do you distribute my budget proportionally?
  5. How valuable is my home page is and where exactly can it be improved?
  6. Which visitor type is the most valuable – are we reaching the right target group?
  7. What are my top pages and how do visitors rate them?
  8. What are the first impressions of visitors to my website?
  9. Where in the country is the most valuable traffic coming from? (so we can target your advertising accordingly)
  10. What times of the day attract most business? (so we can schedule your advertising accordingly)
  11. Is Adwords used optimally? how do you optimise my advertising?
  12. What is the value of pay per click visitors compared to organic/natural search visitors?
  13. What has been the result of a recent email marketing campaign?
  14. What exactly are people searching for most on my site – and are they finding it?
  15. Do people who order free samples turn into better customers or just waste money?
  16. Can we use Web Analytics to run multivariate testing?

As you can see, Website Analytics should be the core or nerve centre of your online business.