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About Us

My name is Eamonn McGreevy. I set up Bluelake in 1993, and specialise in helping small companies succeed through pay per click advertising.

We’re a small company too, paying special attention to a select group of up to 20 clients at a time.

Business Background
After a master’s degree in theoretical physics (I know!),  my working career has included research at the Met Office, a long spell as an Airline Captain (flying the 737, 757 & 767) and over ten years in network marketing.

The History of Bluelake
You might notice that our logo has more of well being theme? Funnily enough, that’s because we started as a health & nutrition company and interestingly morphed into pay per click management.

“I make Pay Per Click work” Eamonn

“I make Pay Per Click work”
Eamonn (left)

“By finding the right balance” Making good business decisions

“By finding the right balance”
Making good business decisions

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Through luck and a huge amount of hard work, we became the biggest distributor in the UK, with several hundred other distributors in our “downline” or team. They quickly needed ecommerce websites to sell our range of products, so we became Internet Consultants. Then they needed traffic to their new websites, so we became Adwords Consultants followed by Google Partners.

I really loved the blend of maths and marketing, so Bluelake rebranded in 2003, focusing  solely on Adwords pay per click management. Simple!

Personal Background
While backpacking around the world for three years, I met my future wife when working as a dishwasher/maintenance man in a hotel in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We lived in London for 10 years before moving and building our new home in the Vale Of Glamorgan in Wales.

Besides family and business, my main interests are exhilarating sports like skiing, rock climbing and skydiving. In 2015 and after 5 attempts,  I finally summited the Matterhorn, so I know all about making seemingly impossible dreams a reality. Some people may think these sports are scary but I handle them in just the same way as my clients’ businesses – alert to the challenges while always striving for better results. Happy Days!